Saturday, 7 November 2009

Thank you

I knew what were your concerns, your favorite songs, the books that you liked, the food that you enjoyed. I knew what were your beliefs because you talked a lot about each and the reasons behind each. I knew well who you were and how you would say and react to my thoughts, my deeds and my flaws but not any more and this gives me pain time to time. I don't know you anymore but this does not mean that I don't understand you because I well do.
And about that pain, let me tell you something, I can live with that pain, because I've just done it until today and I can go on like this for tomorrow and the days after tomorrow and the years after.You're living your brilliant life and that matters and believe me, this does the very same on me that a painkiller can do. So, thank you and no worry, I'm doing just great, in fact my very best. And you just keep living and being alive.


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Hiva said...

That was very sweet Behi junam