Friday, 23 October 2009

Warning! You might find this boring

Now, it looks like a happy ending little story when I say that studying for the exam went fine and I think I did the exam fine as well. Yeah, it would look just perfect if I would only write this happy report but I have to add that I have a problem whenever I have an exam. It's not a big problem and as some might say it's not even considered as a problem but when you don't live your daily life like before, feel stressed out big part of the time that you're awake and feel not relaxed when you're asleep and see only dark sides of matters just before taking the exam and five minutes after you've done with the test you feel normal again, well you might think that you should think. I know where the roots are coming from, I can write stories of my years of studying for entering university and also how I graduated which I'm sure if I do that then you will say:"Yeah, now you have a problem". I'm not going to do that but I'm looking at the reasons so that I may be able to find a way to feel less stressed out when I'm having an exam. But how, I don't know and I'm secretly glad that I have to to deal with it.


Hiva said...

I'm happy your pass your exam fine. Be Happy :D

Roots and Wings said...

And Mr B is home now?

Behi said...

He's on his way back home today :).