Saturday, 17 October 2009

Are Better Brains Better?

What you think?


cuckoo said...

Relevant and interesting questions at the social/policy making level. I don not have a good answer here.

At the individual level, the answers may be less complicated. If some disease, like depression, interferes with my daily life I will take medications. However, I like to deal with many challenges on my own.
It seems kind of a personal choice or taste ...

Daisy said...

This is a very hard question to answer. I also have to say that I don’t have a very clear answer to it or the reason(s) which justify or reject using the ‘magic pills’. From those reasons that Dr. Anjan listed, the second and third ones stood out to me, assuming that these pills do not have any adverse effects what so ever.

As the second reason, he brought up the concept of justice. One can argue that if 2000 years ago someone would say that in future there would be vitamin pills that boost your immune system, vaccines that would protect you from various infection diseases and cosmetic surgery that can help you to look beautiful, no one would have argued that this was injustice (since not everyone could effort to have these). However, it is a different issue when we talk about cosmetic pills that have neurological effects on people. Since human mind and brain is the only thing that we are proud of when we compare ourselves with other species, having a complete control over it is essential.

As the third reason, he pointed out the negative effects of magic pills on the normal human development. I agree with him completely. If we become dependent on the cosmetic medication, what would become of us and I am not talking about addiction. In the scenario that he used as an example, he said the man would take the pills to learn Arabic faster, then take another one to help him sleep in the plane, then take another one to help him get over the sleeping pill and be ready for his interview. To me it seems one can use these magic pills to program their brains and their daily lives. Programming is not always about writing codes, and having machines to work at the certain path and pace. Taking those pills would make human to act like robots but in sort of unconventional way. It is scary to think what would become of that society.

Finally, if you decide to put your teenage son on Viagra, the only thing that you must be worry about is keeping him out of trouble ;)

That was a good topic for discussion. Thanks for sharing.

Behi said...

Very interesting points! Thanks :).

Tameshk said...

Dearest Behi,
Thanks a lot for your comment!