Sunday, 4 October 2009


68 cm by 48.5 cm- 1000 pieces of one winter landscape; a souvenir from our 2 hours tour to Rijksmuseum to ourselves and when they will be made to one piece (?) I'll tell you as soon as we finish ;-).


Anonymous said...

The picture is beautiful!
Enjoy it!

Hiva said...

Haha, I bought 1000-piece puzzle for Nima 2 years ago, its one of Van gogh painting and guess what it's still 1000 pieces original :d
I'm sure you two will be better than us.

Behi said...

:))) As it seems so easy with just a bit details and since we're experts in doing puzzles it'll be all done in 2 hours and where? In my dreams ;):D.

Frieda said...

good luck!!

I dream about have such time to do these kind of I hope you will be able to finish it!