Saturday, 30 May 2009


And that's how I laughed when I was little! ;)
Thanks to my mom that sent this to me.


NuNa said...

when we look at ourselves in photos we will see big difference between us when we was young and now.
for my lucky i have a lot of photos and i see things i still do it and another stopped.
your photo was very nice...
thank, Now i wonna see my photos.

Hiva said...

I love this :)

Nava said...

Funny contagious laugh...Shall I guess your first sentence means you don't laugh like this anymore? Well, maybe a little less free and a bit more conserved, eh? But every once in awhile, laugh like this, it is healthy for you and your surrounding people, I bet!

Behi said...

Hi Nava, good to hear from you, hope every thing is fine with you.
About this laughter, I think I still laugh like this but not exactly for the same reasons, I should have written more precisely its caption I guess :) You're absolutely right and I wish all of us more and more funny moments to laugh ;).