Sunday, 31 May 2009

No big elephant!

In a society that mentioning someone called "the leader" as an utter reference is the most natural thing to do and giving rational reasons is the last thing that one would consider and public would eager to hear, no wonder that candidates for upcoming presidential election look so identical when it comes to taboos and untouched matters. The irony in here is that people who call themselves moderate inside the authority, criticize directly or indirectly the supreme leader of Iran for not preventing his hardliner supporters from making him a holly person. The punchline in here is these very same people still refer to Ayatollah Khomeini as testimonial when they want to win their argues with hardliners. No one can actually ask why should the man be considered far away from making any mistakes in their eyes only because he started up a revolution 30 years ago and another one that got the power after him can be criticized. This is a double standard and apparently is a universal rule of this odd world.
The worst thing that could happen to a society is fear. Fear of to be challenged or to challenge. This is what makes people insecure and stupid. The worst thing that could happen to a society is getting away from learning something named reasoning.
The election is close in Iran and I'm going to vote not because I've found my true choice between those 4 presidential candidates but because I exactly know what is not absolutely my choice.


Daisy said...

I can't agree more with you. I've always wondered if one of the choices, along with the names' of candidates, was "None of the above", how many people would have actually chosen that one.

Hiva said...

That's exactly the same reason that why I am going to vote