Sunday, 19 April 2009


There is this huge jungle like area so close to our place that we discovered not so long ago, in fact as the weather started to show its soft side this heaven like area got revealed, it's a perfect place for jugging in mornings and wandering at weekends. Today when me and Mr.Behi were walking in there through the constant taking off and landing of singing birds and swimming ducks and swans I was thinking how much I need to walk along this green beautiful colorful nature.
It gives me this incredible feeling of peace and I can think and breath like a kid, like a very happy free child getting extremely happy and excited with very little things happening around her.
When I was a kid in summers we used to go to my father's garden and walk up not very high hills as we got close to the sunset, we would sit there looking down at farms and gardens and every time I would scream out with a joyful excited voice: "This view is just like a beautiful painting" and nights were the times I would notice several scratches on my feet from a day running and playing in the middle of bushes and climbing up the trees. This need of being where you hear nothing more than the sound of nature has stayed with me since then, I shall never forget this.

PS: This last Friday night we went to Shajarian the son's concert in Amsterdam. It was his first independent performance from his father. I'm not really a fan of traditional Iranian music as I said before but I must say that I enjoyed many of the live performances and the songs themselves. I found his music more lively than his father. The place was also nice. I felt home, it was great.

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