Saturday, 18 April 2009


I'm mad, I'm literally and specifically mad. I'm mad when I still don't know when I should NOT compromise and yet I do because I think it's better to be good than to be right and the result ironically is not feeling good but only being stupid! I hate it when I see unfairness and I don't say anything because I don't want to be one of those seeking aggressively for their rights because then I would feel I'm a pushy unkind person and not descent, nice and collaborative but I feel nothing then but stupid.
I cannot learn my lesson, seems it's mentally impossible for me.

Sorry for this post, I have something nice to write, will do it next time.


Hiva said...

Behi junam,
if you ask me, "to be kind is more important than being write" works only when you don't hurt, yourself.

we are supposed to be kind to ourselves first. sometimes you have to be right otherwise your kindness to the other just means "be unkind" to yourself.

Behi junam sometimes we don't want to have conflict, we don't want to argue with someone who you know will be very aggressive in her/his discussion, then we just let go this case doesn't mean we were king, is more like we don't want confrontation.

all I mean if you really can avoid conflict by saying nothing and you are ok about that go ahead. but if by saying nothing you gonna hurt yourself, you may choose different attitude.

you are sweet super kind girl , I hope never see you this much disappointed again.

Many kissesss

Deep Blue Sea said...

I know exactly what you mean.Its like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.Happens all the time to me. Happens especially with people who are decent and play by the rules and dont know how to be cunning and shameless.Dont worry. Life is too short.Best thing is to avoid confrontation and more importantly to judge correctly as to the worth of 'everything' in life and choose only what is worth your time..

ibeebarbie said...

I would agree with the above two commentors. Remember, also, we are only response for our thoughts and feelings and not of others. So to voice your opinion and/or concern is really up to the other individual as to who they will feel or respond. I believe it's our job to be responsible for our own words and actions and not of others. So, if you are feeling there's an injustice or something and feel it's important to speak up about it then do so knowing you are responsible for the things you say or do.

Behi said...

Hiva joonam, that's exactly what I have problem with, not knowing "when" I'm going to hurt myself and what made me this much angry this time was seeing myself repeating the exact same mistakes but in a different pattern from the previous ones, absolute frustration comes out of each of these very different cases.

Dear deep blue sea, that's right, a fair judgment is what puts every thing and every one in a right perspective and clear to deal with.

Dear ibeebarbie,
Thanks for your nice comment :)

cuckoo said...

I do not know your answer, but sometimes being in the moment and focusing on what is happening now helps to improve decision-making process