Saturday, 20 December 2008


Celebration is delightful whatever reason would bring shiny lights into the streets, colorful products to the stores and typical annual items into people's houses, is nice and reminds you that holiday is just around the corner.
Christmas is coming soon and I feel it strongly as the door of our apartment opens to a big beautiful decorated Christmas tree whenever I want to go out. In Tehran some shop windows on some streets specially in "Villa" and "Mirzaie shirazi" streets with their Christmas related items brought the atmosphere of celebration as I was passing by and now its sensation spreads every where. I enjoy the spirit of people who gather to celebrate together, whatever reason that brings joy and eagerness into their hearts, whether it's Nowruz in Spring or the birth of someone special according to some people in thousands years ago in winter... It's about excitement and joy and it's warm even though the weather tells you otherwise.

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Hiva said...

Happy Christmas Behi juni, remember Scrooge??? ::))))