Tuesday, 16 September 2008

This Room

I like coming to this page and most of the time I've been trying to write myself in a way that as time passes and I get back to these posts, I can see the old days or that very moment which I was typing all these words through my at-the- time- younger- eyes-and- fingers all over again.
There is not much left to start my first semester and also the research project at university and I know me... My mind would be busy learning so many new information and I'm guessing I will miss writing in here, unless I turn to a really really organized person with an organized mind which I've been neither of them so far. So, where would I meet my younger eyes and fingers after passing the next 2 years is the question that I hope the answer of that would be "right here" ;).


Anonymous said...

Try to keep writing Behi jan; People enjoy to be in your mind room and they will miss it if you don't...
I am one of them.

Be happy and good luck.

jeerjeerak said...

Well you'll always have here for scribbling random thoughts. My experience says that sometimes when you are buried under tons and tons of school work, that's when you enjoy having the warmth of yourown blog where you can find a temporary way out! Good luck with school deary:)