Monday, 28 July 2008

A Game

The first 6 months living in Libya was the days when I was focusing on similarities and differences between Iran and Libya that sometimes gave me all new definitions and impressions of what I used to see in Iran. Some of them made me proud of my own country deep inside me and some others were the kinds that I felt sad for the both of them and there was time that I felt sorry for the country I was born.

This comparing thing became as one of my habits and whenever we go to a new place, I start doing it as if it's a game with my ever interest to play. It starts with certain opening dialogs, me with a face of a researcher with an important new discovery and the all ears Mr.Behi who has to listen to the very much the same structures of logics and words again and again!

I think I'm pretty much done with playing that game. Maybe that was an era with an ending about now (?) :).

- A lecture on "Time Management" by "Randy Pausch"... It made a big part of my day:
To watch the video click here and check here for the podcast.


Tazeen said...

excellent lay out

Tameshk said...

Behi Joonam
I did and sometimes still do compare my homeland with where I am living in. It is partly natural, but the funny thing happened last summer when I was visiting Italy: I compared the two countries but they were not Iran and Italy: it was United States that I compared to Italy :D

Thanks for the link as well, I haven't checked it out yet but I will soon and I'll let you know how it helped me.

Anonymous said...

I guess this game is played by all the strangers in the other countries...While in another land for the first time, we all try to see similarities and differences;
But I guess the more we touch, the less we get!
It is a big big wourld, full of many many people!
Take care and have fun in new lands...

P.S. Nice to meet you here by the way!

Nava said...

Hi dear Behi,
Comparison is often good, it shows that we are being conscious and aware of our lives. Unless it becomes a game that leads to unsatisfaction and jealousy, which will be very frustrating.

BTW, you heard that Pausch died last friday, right?

You know, when I heard the news, I immediately remembered this quote from Samad Behrangi, "It's not important how I live or how I die. What is important is how my life or death affects others..."
(from Little black fish, or our god old "Mahi-Siahe-Koochooloo)
May their souls rest in peace.

Behi said...

Tameshk jan,

I guess by comparing different countries, I was trying to find answers for the questions I had in mind for a long time. I came to some conclusions on some matters and found even more questions on some others :D

Dear Nava,

I realized that the day he died. I still had hope that maybe he could survive and that something good could's so sad :(