Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Review

I've been trying to find a word that could describe precisely what I really think of the last year, but it was not an easy job and it wouldn't be fair to collect a whole different experiences in just one word.

The last year meant knowing some very wonderful people, it meant quite a few paradoxical thoughts and feelings and questions and missing and wondering... It meant priceless experiences and outcomes.

We leave our home country that holds many pleasant and unpleasant memories with itself. I think, what we miss is their senses that stick with us and it's not their places that these memories took place. And the more delightful those memories are, the more their footprints are missed. The loved ones, but, are another story. You know that they are always there for you and it's not the feelings that are mixed with the places, it's exactly being around them, with them, for them and looking at their faces and holding their hands. I heard once from Hiva that "migrating is one of the most difficult decisions to make and jobs to do".I cannot agree more.

You earn something and lose something else; every thing has a price and that means life...


Hiva said...


khadijateri said...

You will do wonderfully in your new home away from home be cause you are inquisitive and friendly and enjoy learning about new places and meeting new people. It will be a new adventure.

Tameshk said...

My Dearest Behi
I am sure you will enjoy your next move but I very much understand what you are saying: It is always hard for me to move. Maybe I have a motion-sickness of kind, a kind that is very much affected by imigration; Moving from my homeland was the hardest of them all and exactly when I thought the hardship is over, We start moving around US. Every couple of years we moved from one city to the other and that was not easy; since in every town we had made friendships, connection and communities and then again we had to start to build these relationships in the new place. It is very hard to feel belong to something, a place a community and as soon as I felt that we had to move again. Of course it is always for better and that is the positive part of it. But nothing can make me like moving in the world.
Sorry I said too much and too quickly I hope it all make sense when you read it.

Best Wishes for your New Home!

Behi said...

Dear Khadija,

I will try my best to make the most of living in that place, there are still so much for me to learn how enjoy and live life in a way that would make sense in the future at the very least to myself and I hope I be a good learner.


Roja joon,
I totally understand how the frequent moving could be tiring after a couple of times and there is something in every place that we leave behind and God knows if we could find that in a completely different atmosphere in the next destination. I think the more one could be quick to adapt with new situations the more the whole movement thing turn to be a valuable experience but in the best case it still has its ups and downs and pressures which sometimes are not just that easy to avoid or to ignore them.

Behi said...
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