Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Whenever I sit on my desk and read the recommended reading of my study program, I feel the first and note the second:
First: It's beautiful
Second: I shall get back to the prior subjects and make neat outlines of what I've learned so far.

The first one is something that assures me I've put my steps in a right pathway and it makes me simply happy. No question mark and it's all about one clear mind so I let myself feel this way and I like it :).

The second one is about timing which I lack the most since I grew up in a system that efficiency increases as deadline gets close and sometimes it's good that you used to live in a system that could be blamed for many things most of the time and who cares if this system comes out of people of the same society ;)... Anyhow, I'm working on my notification.


Tameshk said...

My Dearest Behi,

I hear you: I feel the same, and very much want to change it. I think I may go back to my university entrance exam (Concur) year for the start!

Behi said...

Me too tameshk joonam ;D

Anna said...

Muito belo.
So nice!

Nava said...

Dear Behi,
Somehow I have this impression that you are studying Biochemistry or a related subject. If so, welcome to the club! :)

I have so many criticisms on our educational system. The vast yet shallow sea of knowledge, the whole concept of memorizing more and more instead of strengthening the creative mind in the students, the form of exams which are designed to merely torture the students, and the one and the only, Konkoor, which is one huge step which could shape your fate, in one day, at the age of 17 or 18!
I could write books about the errors in this system, which unfortunately wouldn't do any good, as there is no one from "those-who-are-in-charge" to listen...

Behi said...

Dear Nava,
I recently started to learn about Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry is also a part of my study program. They are in fact introductions to the major that I'm about to start which is "Immunology". I do enjoy the concepts that I'm learning right now but it took me big time to realize what I really wanted to do with my career life. I think the betrayal of educational system in Iran is that it doesn't give any room to students to find out their true passions.They're fed up with all the wrong definition of success regardless of what true satisfaction really is and "konkoor" is one big nightmare, even for those who passed it safe and sound it's not a pleasant memory, it's nothing but a time frame to kill the sense of curiosity and also as you mentioned the creativity.