Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The story of my classmates- Part I

Last week I had to take a pre-test in Chemistry. After taking the test, my memories of the past in the university kept coming back to me. It was like a time machine which was working all of a sudden. I could remember some of my former classmates; they were very different in terms of educational success and that how they defined its meaning according to their own standards.
Among all of them I can put two of them in a same category while they were actually quite different.

One of them entered university at the age of 13, she had chosen Chemistry for one reason; she loved it. One of the most passionate persons that I've ever met, so natural, incredibly modest and truly honest with herself. Once she failed a Physics course and she used to refer to that as a proof to her claim that she was not a genius! Well, to me she was a genuine genius... For those who are familiar with the faculty of science (at the university that I studied at which you don't know which one was it ;) it should not seem that odd to see a list full of scores below the pass mark especially in the first study year and in some basic science modules. Since as a matter of fact it's perfectly normal!... Her story obviously ends here happily as after some years she's teaching at the most prestiges university in one of the European countries right now.

Another one entered at the faculty of Chemistry because of one reason; she had been accepted at it. One of the happiest people that I've ever met, so natural, incredibly relaxed and truly honest with herself. She failed many modules during the first semesters of her study and she used to refer to them as the proofs that she should not have been there studying them in the first place. To me she was quite smart to pass all those courses though. She left the faculty or better to say made the faculty release her... Then she went after her true passion; music. Her story ends here as a happy one too as she's one of the talented guitar instructors right now.

Might be continued...


Tameshk said...

Behi Joonam
Your classmate story fits well with my own memories of higher education in Iran: nameless and mysterious, but familiar.

Hiva said...

I remember both :)