Saturday, 12 April 2008

The story of my classmates- Part II

And the rest... Each paragraph following here is what a number of my other classmates had as their motivations for moving forward along with the semesters that followed each other one after another. They were just a bunch of scattered words before making these paragraphs. The words that I've been trying to find their connections to turn to the shapes that would stay loyal to their owners back then:

-"I'm a good student because this is what I used to be through my study years in high school. If I had to study history I would be as a good student as I am now"... It's something that I call the ability of orientation and quite considerable amount of my classmates had it.

- "I'm trying to be good at this major since this is what I have to build my career based on for the future. It's something that can help me to get out of this country".

- "I've always loved chemistry".

- " Did you know that if you get good marks and gain the high GPA, it would make you popular among the boys in the faculty? And by the way I've always loved chemistry".

-"I'm so happy that I have to study this major because my someone who knows every thing once told me this is the best major among all the science majors".

- "I just want to get my BSc and get the hell out of here".

-"I never thought of why I'm studying here, I don't study hard, I was preparing myself for exam the night before the exam and I fell asleep meanwhile, it happens most of the time. And I never thought I would pass the exam, now I'm so surprised that I got B ( like always)".

- "She thinks she is so intelligent... I should enter the Masters program".

-"You should be happy that you haven't started your MSc in here. This is just madness...I have to get my PhD, this is something that if I don't take any action for, I won't forgive myself for the rest of my life".

I do hope all these paragraphs would have found their happy endings by now :).


david santos said...

Hello, Behi!
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.

Tameshk said...

Dearest Behi
I am very much into forms and this post is Wonderful. I like the way these paragraphs hang on to one another; may be they are scattered but they form a whole. And don't forget they are connected to the PART-I of the story too.

Behi said...

Thanks very much for your nice comment David!

Thanks a lot Roja joonam, I'm glad that you could find their connections, each paragraph belongs to one individual but some of them were very much under the influence of what was defined as success according to the society,their families or some other paragraphs. I myself was not an exception by the way.