Thursday, 13 March 2008


It can be easy to get provoked or better to say it can be easy to let others provoke us.

To me, it happens when I see myself in a situation in form of a conversation that someone tries to prove that s/he is right about something by making me feel wrong about that. In other words, some choose to prove others are ignorant and they think this results their wisdoms and how these two could be related to each other is the question that I'm not even interested in finding any answer for.

I think, now, I can explain why I don't like to be involved in such conversations. It's not because I feel my understanding is being undermined by another's misbehavior which I thought that was it for some considerable time by the way. It's, in fact, because I can see myself being in a place that I'm trying to revenge OR defend my idea by "proving" it so that I give up my own principle which is: It's not fine to try hard to prove yourself only because someone is saying reverse to feel satisfied.
I hate seeing myself there since this takes freedom of my mind away from me and let me say that even if I say nothing in that situation, still the severity exists which is quite enough to be occupied and not free. The thing is that I cannot recognize myself at this point.

The whole story makes me sick. It's such an easy trap, when you fall, you fall deep down and you are deep down.

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Nava said...

Hi Behi,
You know, it takes lots of guts and awareness not to get trapped in these situations, lots of practice too. I have come up with the idea of having a smile on a naive face that says "you are right" on the outside and "But I'll do as I believe" on the inside!

BTW, thanks for your comment, and good luck in your new path, which seems to be starting soon.