Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Route

I was watching the first part of "The Root of All Evil", a television documentary written and presented by "Richard Dawkins".
The main massage in this part says that "World would be better off without religion".
As he mentioned every theory could be accepted as a scientific fact when it could be supported by rational evidence.
There have been many Scientific theories rejected after years of staying alive as facts because of new evidence that could question them to replace with ever or more righteous ones. And that, I believe, is the beauty of science. You are free to doubt and then find the answer and then you can question that answer anytime that you obtain more knowledge which is called development all in all. Even though, you do not stop but you do stand by big times.
As logical as many of approaches of this program seem I still cannot be certain about the whole better off-without-religion idea. I wonder if human-beings being was not merged with any sort of religion in the first place what would be the world like now? Would it really be a better place?
Or, if we should call it just a perfect story of human history from the time people worshiped stars, sun, rocks,etc... To the time that God came to people's hearts through his prophets and messengers... To this state that the ideal aim for many is to survive God from being considered as a possession...Like a property that all religions have given themselves the authority to present the best kind of it with the best manuals which all of them guaranty a better connection to.
If this is a sort of evolution which has been taking place along with the one that universe started millions years ago, it's so soon to come to any conclusion I guess.

Apart from whole this matter, I always think that if someday all the scientific clues come to the point that death is the end for our emotional existence, I certainly won't be able to stand the pain that it would bring to me and I will wait impatiently for more evidence to reject that finding.


Hiva said...

great post Behi. I don't think the world necessarily would be better place without religion. each religion in first place came to bring more humanities to the societies. It was about being honest and don't lie or betray,etc.. the message was good but then the followers change it. it's a typical story. something starts with pure ambitious but ends to fight and blood becuase of poeple greed and eager for power. Just like "Animal Farm".

Behi said...

Yes, I agree with you Hiva jan. If every one's aim was trying to become a better person- which practically means not being judgmental of others and instead focusing on yourself- then world would be more bearable that it is now I guess. It sounds simple and you see it every where as a morality but is hard to practice at the same time.