Saturday, 26 January 2008

Back to Tripoli

Our trip to Barcelona was refreshing and fun. Although a very quick glance that we took at the city could have not given us much clue to fairly know the atmosphere of its society but I could still find something to keep my mind playing with. It's obvious people in the European countries live more comfortable than my Iranian fellows who live in Iran or people here in Tripoli or probably in anywhere else which is not considered as a developed country. Public services provide better conditions and I think general problems that people in non-developed countries feel do not exist in the developed parts.
Well, it may be more fair to say the kinds of difficulties that these two different worlds have are not similar nor in the same levels.
I have no idea how many percent of all these people whether they live under high standard of services or not are really happy in their deep deep inside. And I know that the definition of happiness for every one is different from another but what I don't get is why these two groups seem this much different in the first place. Is it the climate or genetic or the kinds of beliefs they hold on to? Or is it the matter of each society's history and if so... Why?

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Hiva said...

Behi joonam, welcome back. about the differents between nations, it's complicated ... (panjaro baz kardo goft ye vajab)

Hiva said...

Wow Bwhi I love the new look of your blog, is so bright and cheerful. kisss

BEHI said...

:D, I'm glad you like this new look Hivaie
Love you

Don Cox said...

I think the difference is mainly timing. If one part of the world is a few decades ahead of another, or maybe even a couple of centuries, that is nothing compared to the thousands of years of history. And somebody has to be leading at any one time - a few hundred years ago it was the Chinese, then the Europeans moved ahead, then the Americans. Who will be next? The Chinese again?