Thursday, 27 September 2007

Tuscany Road Trip-part II

And the rest of the story... The first thing that my husband did after finding the car completely hopeless was putting the warning triangle in a distance from the car and the second thing that he started to do was waving his hands for the cars which were getting close in the road as a sign of asking for help. After almost 20 minutes of waiting one of the cars stopped, a man and a woman got off the car. At first, all I could get in the darkness from them was a middle aged man with Italian accent and a lady who was younger. The man who we later figured out his name was Micheal started to call the numbers that my husband gave him in search of help. Finally after 2 hours, a towing car came and picked our car like a faint body off the road to take it somewhere for awaking.

Despite of our insisting on not changing their plans, our helpers canceled their plans literally, stayed with us the entire time and at the end they changed their way back to company us to Siena where we were supposed to find a hotel to stay for the night.
We found the hotel and the next day we received a new car from the car rental company. Then we had lunch as a thank you with our new friends. We found out that Micheal was in fact a professor of philosophy in university of Siena and while walking in the area of Siena he showed us his book in one of the book stores and talked about its main subject. The lady who her name was Emmanuelle was a French film director and as soon as she found out our nationality, she described her admiration for Iranian cinema and some Iranian directors whose works she was familiar with.

By facing that problem at that night we had this amazing opportunity of meeting these really kind people and we didn't miss the chance of visiting Siena which Micheal strongly recommended us for not missing it. It could be a shame to skip the visit of such a phenomenon place indeed.

I think life in some levels could be like this. You never know...there could be some thing bright beyond every dark path.


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Unfortunately there was something wrong with the blogger for some time and i couldn't enter the comments section.
Your posts during your trip were all beatiful and intersting; i enjoyed reading them, especially the one with that lesson at the end. i do agree with you. This is the smae way in life: something hinders our progress; we should not fight it we should stop and ponder what does it have to teach me.
This mood you've got now is very natural when you come back home from such an exciting trip.
Have a nice day!

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sorry : beautiful