Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Tuscany Road Trip-part I

Since my previous post we went through different places and now we're back in Tripoli. I think this travel was so different from others that we've had and I'm loaded with plenty of nice memories and new feelings and experiences that I felt and had during that short period of time. It was quite a travel and very interesting after all.
After leaving Florence we were on the road of Tuscany region and all I can remember is beauty, beauty and again beauty. I could not take my eyes off through our way from those magnificent views. In the middle of our way we went to Pisa and had a very quick visit of its famous tower. Then we went up to a road which was ended up in a very amazing hilltown called Volterra. It was near the sunset that we headed toward Rome and after a while of riding, our car seemed not very well. We felt lucky as we were near a gas station when we had problem with the car. The person who checked the car told us that he could not see any specific problem in the system but for making sure we could go to Siena which was so close to the place that we were and we could check with an expert in there. We went there and checked again with an expert and he could not figure out what was wrong with it so we decided to call the company that we hired the car from to know what was best to do. We called this company which is well-known and international by the way. They asked some technical questions from my husband about the car, then they told him to go on the travel because it seemed the car had some electrical problems which happens so often and that was why some gages had been broken and it was not big a deal. So, we started the rest of our travel and we were relieved that we were not going to have canceled our hotel reservation in Rome at that night.
It was almost 8 p.m and we were in the middle of the road when the car suddenly and apparently very simply JUST stopped. It happened so quickly. Again, we were lucky to be in a spot that had a roadside and that the road was not crowded and that we were not in a high speed. Otherwise it could turn to something more unfortunate.
The place was so dark and seemed far from any help. We didn't have the cellphone that could work in Europe and I was already preparing myself for a really new experience of spending a whole night inside the car in a road and I was checking to make sure we had water and was happy that we had at least some cookies and also popcorns :).

To be continued...

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