Friday, 14 September 2007

From Milan

We landed 3 hours ago in Milan airport and after driving from there to Milan, now we are sitting in our hotel room to get a little rest and then to have dinner. We took nice memories of interesting people we met from different parts of the world in Portugal and also from places that we visited there. I'm excited that this journey has not finished yet and we're about to make new memories in Italy as well. I love traveling by car. I can just sit,look and enjoy the roads' sides with my husband all way riding forever and now it's going to be a part of this travel which is fantastic.


human being said...

Bon voyage!
Your recent posts were filled with a kind of lightness and joy. They made my heart brim with happiness.
This happens when i see others happy. I've always liked your simple and frank attitude, dear friend.

sparkle hayter said...

Eat some pasta for me!

Hiva said...

Behi Jooonam try the pizza az well, must be geat. love youuuuuuu