Tuesday, 11 September 2007

From Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal

I've just come back from Sintra and it' s the first time that I am free to sit in the lobby of the hotel to blog since we've got here. Mr.Behi is in the seminar now. It was the part of the schedule of the seminar's holders to take the family members to tour the Sintra this morning. There is so much history behind the sites and places that I've seen. It was good to know indeed. I was trying to enjoy myself which is the difficult thing to do when Mr.Behi is not around.
During visiting all those old beautiful buildings and the areas, the memories of my childhood and my grandmother's house kept coming back to me! It had a very familiar feeling for me. Maybe that was because my grandmother used to live in north of Iran which is green like here with some similarities in nature or climate or something... I don't know, anyway it was all a pleasant experience.
On Sunday, we went to Lisbon for the first time to see the old part of the city which holds Saint George castle in itself. And yesterday, we went to Lisbon Oceanarium. I won't write further about these places since I prefer Mr.Behi to write in details with the photos that he's taken.
From Cascais where we are staying these days to Lisbon takes almost 25 minutes by train. I'm not sure if we will find enough time to go to Lisbon for the third time during the next 2 days as we'll take off on Friday. But, we spent these last 3 days properly without wasting times and enjoyed a lot and luckily, Cascais has still things to see and enjoy itself.

PS: The picture above is one of the most popular symbols of Portugal

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