Saturday, 11 August 2007

My last conclusion

I'm not really sure if I've become an obsessed person with Hijab or I've been just as natural as anyone could be. The main reason must be me coming from an Islamic country to another Muslim land which made me to drop all the collated things that I've had in hands so far on the table and to gaze at them all over again.
I'm not even going to mention all the conclusions that I gradually made about this subject in years of my life as it would not cast any better light on this Hijab matter, at a very least to myself.
I'm clearly aware of the whole diverse interpretations of covering in general- not Burgah, the extreme form of Hijab. These are terms that come up so commonly after people say "Hijab"... Gesture? Belief? Humiliation, fanaticism or disrespect for women AND on the other side, there are people who link this to security, spirituality or respect for women.

I'm not going to side with any of these two extremely opposite approaches. To me, in their ethnic hypotheses, they both claim to ensue a very similar desire which is, dealing with humanity of females and not their sensualities.

I think, the only matter that many don't even bother themselves to consider is the fact that humanity is not a thing to come with covering or not covering, nor showing or not showing hair, body or face. It's an attitude to earn, it's the mind training to receive and then these should able us to think right and to deal right... simply to be a human.

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Hiva said...

I do agree with you, the way you explain it was very nice.