Thursday, 24 May 2007

Watch yourself !

All I can think about these days is the plan of studying through one of these distance universities. Among the different fields that I've been searching, I liked one of them the most. This is the topic that I really wanted since my undergraduation and never had a chance to study and work on it, the feeling of excitement is constantly running in the background of my mind although sometimes it turns to the feeling of anxiety and makes me nervous with the questions and doubts of : what if it won't come true... and the next thing I can see is an impatient person with having an emergency death case. I think it's completely obvious that, this person would be me.

I know I will pass this period after all and will be walking in my ever wanted new road but I'm not happy with my attitude, seems I'm not strong enough, nor grown up in such steps. I know life is about being happy and having good times with your loved ones, every way or behavior that can make you closer to these points is a worthy one otherwise you are falling into a non-sense circle without knowing that.
I just don't like this kind of Behi.

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Hiva said...

I like any kind of Behi :)