Monday, 27 March 2017

I spent 8 years of my life at one faculty building. 6 years at one lab, working with more and less the same people and getting completely used to a certain working atmosphere/culture. As a result, my (working) values got defined within a certain framework. I had some very great times there that made me believe leaving that place would be the hardest thing to do when the time comes. Also, I had my share of getting extremely frustrated, depressed and disappointed.
I ended up having mixed feelings when I officially left there. Now, it's time for me to experience new atmospheres, to meet and to work with new people, and to explore more. Life should be more fun or better to say I should be more active in making it more fun and exciting than before as it has a great potential to be more pleasant. If I've learned one lesson so far, is that for whatever feeling we have, we are the responsible ones to make it better or worse. People come and go, their effects cannot and sometimes should not last more than it should. 

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