Sunday, 22 February 2015


So, what have been the highlights since I blogged last time?
I got older and still in search of satisfaction, I have a paper that got officially accepted, and the cover image of the journal in which the paper will be published, is going to be my most favourite microscopic image.  Exciting, isn't it?!  But, nothing was easy regarding this paper, a bunch of unfortunate events happened on the way to the process of submissions, which left me extremely disappointed as well as distracted from the main purpose. I think I've lost that naive innocent spirit through all the challenges I've been facing in the professional scientific environment, and still am trying to realise how I should put things in perspective so that I could move on and be optimistic again.

What else? One of my lab-mates committed suicide and took his own life some months ago. He was a smart knowledgeable medical doctor busy doing his PhD in our lab. There was a minute of silence and a lot of small talks starting with the words "why", "how" and "I wonder" for a while in the lab, and now,  every one's back to the normal scientific talks.

Like always, Mr.B continues to be the good news in my life, and the last hightlight of my today's post.

This blog is like a very kind relative or friend, no matter for how long I ignore her, she's always sitting here with open arms.


radius said...

Hi Behi, if you don't mind, please send a link to the Pubmed record of your paper. If I remember right, you do some neuro-development research.
greetings, michael

SVH said...

Mrs. B, it's always nice t get an update from you. Stay hopeful. We are all cheering for you.