Sunday, 11 November 2012

All my days are filled with experiments, collecting data, and analysis. Every now and then I should give a presentation like the one I will have the coming Monday.
This time, I will have to present to a group of psychiatrists that do not know much about the molecular basis and technical detail of what we do in the lab, but since both sides try to build a bridge between the mental disorders clinic and the hard core scientific models of them, we all need to bring brick, stone and whatever we have to make it happen!
My supervisor advised me to give my talk in a way that my grandmother could also understand if she was one of the audience. I think this already is a challenge. I strongly believe if you could describe something complicated in a simpler language that a lot of people could understand, then you could claim that you yourself understood the subject in its true terms.


Hiva said...

I wish i could attend Behi :D

Behi said...

:) boos