Saturday, 4 September 2010

To catch up

The second weekend after starting my work and I don't know from where I should start. I've been learning various techniques. I need to know the basic experimental and theoretical aspects of my own research. I'm expected to be creative with new suggestions and ideas and I'm overwhelmed with loads of skills I need to acquire and things I should learn. Every night I sleep so quickly or almost faint. People ask me how are you? I say I'm great and I literally mean that. I have my own concerns though, can I meet all the requirements that I'm tilted to accomplish?


Hiva said...

Don't be overwhelmed Behi joonam, you'll be fine, in few months you'll settle just like you were born to do this..kissed

Lotus said...

To be creative, you REALLY need some time of doing NOTHING, trust yourself and spend some time doing fun things, art, sport, garden, nature, your choice :)

khadijateri said...

Every job is difficult in the beginning. Soon you will know the routine and it will be as if you've been doing it all your life. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Good luck in this new page in your life. I'm so proud of you!

Don Cox said...

I think when learning techniques it is important to take lots of notes. Never assume that you will remember anything.

Likewise if you have a good idea: write it down at once.

I am sure you will do fine.

Anonymous said...

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