Thursday, 19 August 2010

And I report!

Next week my work will start. My research topic + my future boss + knowing almost all my lab-mates were enough of the reasons to make my mind on joining the lab and at the time I thought: "No shocking surprises perhaps". I hope if I was not totally right I'd be able to deal and think like a grown up confident person.
And one lesson from the last two years would be getting involved in more than one activity. I'm finally going to take a painting course once a week, it's time I think (need).


Don Cox said...

I'm not convinced that grown-up confident people actually exist.


The painting sounds like a good thing to do.

Hiva said...

I love that..Behi you should send me one of your painting one day ..please :D

Behi said...

You mean the ones that are displayed in the Louvre museum? Sure! I'll try ;D