Thursday, 29 July 2010


"... of the major disadvantages of reality: from up close, it looks very different from any "picture", a difference which no theory can explain".
-Bertrand Russel from Logicomix
I realize why I have this great tendency to live in my imagination sometimes.


Nava said...

Problem is, it is VERY tempting, and addictive, and destructive to live in our imaginary world. In fact I think we all do live in such "made up" world in our heads to some extent. The more we can free ourselves from it, the easier it is to accept and deal with reality. The deeper we get into it, as comforting as it feels, it is way too difficult to accept the harsh realitiles of the real world around us.
I hope I make sense!! :)

Behi said...

You're making a perfect sense Nava jan! :)
To be honest, this is my very concern these days. The imaginary world pushes me far away from me being acceptance of what is really happening in the society that I live, especially when I have to deal with some people if you know what I mean and I feel if I don't find a way to get out of this, getting isolated or very conservative would be the outcome.