Sunday, 20 June 2010

New beginning

looking at the frequency of my previous posts I realize why it's a bit challenging to write again. Different things are on top of my head and it takes time to write on one for a start. To say in a nutshell, I'm happy! It's as the same as the feeling I had when I passed summer school and got permitted 2 years ago only a month and half after our arrival to Holland. I was well aware of the fact that it was only the beginning and I had a lot to do for the following two years. I'm not gonna lie to you, the first year and its all difficulties many times made me forget the sweetness of that starting point. The fear of not being good at the area I entered, the fear of running with no promise to reach and I did not believe it was only the journey that mattered. I needed a sign to make sure I made a right decision, that I was smart enough and not stupid. I needed to know I was making a progress and I knew that urge, that need to making sure partly was coming from my not very patient personality so I would blame that personality every now and then as well.
Last Tuesday and Wednesday I was standing talking to my current and future supervisors hearing their comments on what I did and thinking to myself it was worth it but I have the very same feeling that I had when I passed summer school; happy while I certainly know that it's only another beginning. Hope this time I'll be patient and as kind as the man who's been walking side by side me all these years ... to myself.


Don Cox said...

I read a book that I think you would find interesting: "The Other Brain" by Douglas Fields.

It is a survey of research on glial cells, written in plain English (like a Scientific American article), but with plenty of references to papers in journals. The author is an active researcher in the field.

Strongly recommended if you are interested in memory, or any aspect of neurobiology.

Behi said...

Will order this via amazon, thanks for the suggestion :)

Inaie said...

Congratulations! I wish you a long and great journey ahead of you!