Thursday, 6 May 2010

Learning Dutch-3

Broer means brother in Dutch. What makes it interesting is the similarity it has with the Northern accent* in Iran which is the part I come from as they say "Bror" to brother.
And another word Dochter ("ch" should be pronounced like "kh") is very similar to the word "Dokhtar" in Farsi with the meaning of daughter in both languages.
*Correction: Northern dialect


Nava said...

If you ask our president, he would explain to you that the Dutches didn't have any words for their children, they would simply refer to them as "these"! We gave them the proper words ;))

Don Cox said...

There is an interesting Wikipedia page on "Indo-Europen Languages".

We are all cousins.

Hiva said...

The same for "PÈRE" in France and 'pier' in North of Iran..