Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Memory and nothing more!

My memory is not as cooperative as used to be or maybe the problem is my concentration I don't know, but something has been working like a clock as long as I can remember: my visual memory. If I see you once tomorrow I'll remember your face years after if I see you again. I've been sometimes thinking what this could be good for, the answer? Nothing! And the funny thing is that I'm going to work in a lab with a major focus on the mechanism of memory for a year after my graduation.


Don Cox said...

There is a whole section of the brain for remembering faces. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to include a part for attaching names to them. I guess it evolved before we had language.

I envy you working in a memory research lab. It's a fascinating topic.

I suspect that surface molecules similar to (or the same as) the ones in the immune system are involved, so that brain cells know which other cells to contact.

Behi said...

True, called the "what" area or pathway for the face matching tasks :)

I'm very excited about that, indeed a fascinating topic!