Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What would you feel...

What would you feel about an electronic card sent by a "friend" on your birthday with a message saying "hope you stay like this and don't change in the future".
What would you feel when a "friend" talks about other friends'
happy marriage,
nose job,
and the university she got a scholarship from, and you hear:
"come on! Look at her photos, she looks unhappy",
"her new look with this new nose is not good, before the operation she looked better",
and "what's the name of the university she has been accepted? The city is not a well-known city though".


Hiva said...

I guess that "friend" might be a little jealous though :)

Behi said...

And not very optimistic moteasefane :)

just a peasant said...

I'd have to agree with both Hiva and Behi.

Dead said...

most people do not like others success, but are polite and do not say anything, so maybe that friend is simply not polite/considerate to hide the true emotions :)))