Saturday, 2 January 2010

Beautiful Minds

There are some Farsi blogs out there and I wish they could be translated into English so that people who are not familiar with the language could see how talented and bright these people are.
Many of these bloggers are under age 30. You see a combination of great sense of humor, intelligence and wisdom on matters that Iran has been struggling with.
One reports and talks about scenes she's been witnessing in the last demonstration she went to. Another writes his point of view on the latest Mousavi's statement. The other writes a very hilarious sentence on a harsh comment coming from a hardliner talking about green movement's supporters which makes me burst into a big laugh.
I'm glad that these words are written and are going to be part of Iran's history. The story of young brilliant minds who had tears coming from their eyes while they smiled and went on again.

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Don Cox said...

Google should work hard on their translation software, and include automatic translation in their web browser.

It is quite frustrating to find a blog which one cannot understand at all.