Saturday, 14 November 2009

One day

One day I'll pick what I dropped when I was a little girl. I'll start painting on a paper with drawing pencils or on a really big canvas and I'll do that with all the colors that I admire.
One day I'll start reading the poems that I liked and I forgot, the ones that I started and never finished and the ones that I never started.


Roshanak said...

Try to make it now instead of one day! I waited for such a long time for that one day to arrive and it never arrives. make it so!

Hiva said...

I agree with Roshanak , Behi junam, go ahead buy what you need and register for a class before you know you are doing what you like

Don Cox said...

As for learning drawing and painting, about 50 years ago the Famous Artists School published sets of lessons which have never been bettered. There were three series - Painting, Illustration, and Comics. Some of the lessons appear much the same in all three series.

Many pages of these lessons are on the web. For instsnce.

Behi said...

Dear Roshanak and Hiva,

There is wanting something and there is wanting something badly. And there is an organized person who can do more than just wishing. Now imagine a person who wants something, doesn't have flexible time to follow a fixed schedule and hardly finds time to read books out of her academic zone and that's probably because her speed is not high enough and her brain is not big enough to do multitasks :D But one thing is for sure I promise you, I'll do them all and who knows maybe that one day is just around the corner waiting to be the day ;):). Thanks for the comments by the way.

Dear Don Cox,

That was a great website, thanks! One of those that takes you straight to the point. I actually started to practice and learn from number of books with some very basic lessons when I was in Tehran and I know this can help me as well :).