Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lab animals

Dear all,
...tomorrow Friday 27th of November from 13.30 until 14.30 there will be a demonstration against the use of lab animals at...we advise you to be extra alert with transporting your animals to ...
And that's how you appreciate having humans as the subjects after receiving these kinds of e-mails once in a while. The most used animals in our department are rats and mice. It was something that I considred when I wanted to choose my project last year. I talked to people who had all sorts of logical reasons to not feel guilty because of having to kill these animals at some levels of some of the experiments. I know rats can laugh and this tells a lot I think and I'm not sure what is or is not ethical in here.


Hiva said...

Behi, you know how much I love animals...But if someone ask me we have to choose between a rat and a baby to do some tests that could be fatal..I'll definitely go with rat...I think if rats could do some tests they would choose's all about survival

take care

Behi said...

:)))))), that's quite an idea Hiva jooni ;)