Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Life of a mind

My train trips these days are devoted to reading a book titled "In search of memory" by Eric Kandel. It's the story of a refugee kid of Nazis-era, a husband, a father, a man and a Nobel prize winner.
And my sharing for today from this book:
...But the argument with Denise about spending more time with her and Paul did cause me to pause and think. As a consequence I learned from this argument the obvious lesson that hard thinking, especially if it leads to even one useful idea, is much more valuable than simply running more experiments. I was later reminded of a comment made about Jim Watson by Marx Perutz, the Viennese-born British structural biologist: "Jim never made the mistake of confusing hard work with hard thinking".

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Don Cox said...

Thanks for the tip - I have added this book to my "must read" list. It sounds very interesting.