Saturday, 27 June 2009

Statement by a group of Iranian bloggers about the Presidential elections and the subsequent events

1) We, a group of Iranian bloggers, strongly condemn the violent and repressive confrontation of Iranian government against Iranian people's legitimate and peaceful demonstrations and ask government officials to comply with Article 27 of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Constitution which emphasizes "Public gatherings and marches may be freely held, provided arms are not carried and that they are not detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam."

2) We consider the violations in the presidential elections, and their sad consequences a big blow to the democratic principles of the Islamic Republic regime, and observing the mounting evidence of fraud presented by the candidates and others, we believe that election fraud is obvious and we ask for a new election.

3) Actions such as deporting foreign reporters, arresting local journalists, censorship of the news and misrepresenting the facts, cutting off the SMS network and filtering of the internet cannot silence the voices of Iranian people as no darkness and suffocation can go on forever. We invite the Iranian government to honest and friendly interaction with its people and we hope to witness the narrowing of the huge gap between people and the government.

A part of the large community of Iranian bloggers
June 26, 2009
Dear reader,
If you are a blogger, please post this in your blog too. We might have differences in our views towards this crisis, but we can stay united on condemning the violence and valuing the lives of our people. Let's have our voices heard. (The complete bilingual version)
Thank you.


Don Cox said...

It is remarkable that most of the gang of rogues, shysters, bullies and greedy billionaires who rule Iran like to be known as "Sources of Emulation". Even their rigging of this and the last election were so crude that an African dictator would be better emulating somebody more capable.

At least this disaster makes it clear that Islam, like Marxism, does not provide a useful reference for methods of running a government.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mrs. B, for your Mind Room! And its warm, inspiring contents, and the link I just followed to 'Stand By Me' recorded for all Iranians. So many are with you in heart and mnd.