Monday, 29 June 2009


I thought by the time that I would finish my first academic year, I would feel fresh but here I am feeling tired and yet restless. I didn't have high expectation from the result of this election even if my selected candidate was the president. But now I've literally closed the chapter titled "things still can change" and I don't know it could ever be opened again.
I strongly believe that as long as my country is ruled by a narrow-minded, uneducated, delusional, paranoid so-called supreme leader, in the best case scenario no bright person as a president would be able to do any thing different. I feel restless...

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sparkle said...

Don't give up. There are still many nonviolent things we can all do as citizens of the world to make it a better, fairer place. I know this is a small consolation, but for years I have heard the same tired stereotypes of Iranians and Muslims from many otherwise thoughtful people in the west. Nothing one said could dissuade them. But now the world has seen a million different faces and the old stereotypes are shattered. Millions of people worldwide have been awed by the courage of the opposition and support you and human rights, which belong to no one country but all of us. Take a break, listen to some nice music, let yourself dream a little, hope a little:

Peace my sister.