Friday, 1 May 2009

Royal attack: the end of an illusion

...Foreigners who are surprised by ministers who cycle to their offices, a prime minister eating a herring alone at the fish stall next to parliament - it is all gone... Read more


Irrelevant update: A different look at racism conference in Geneva, different from what I've heard/read so far, it's in Farsi I'm afraid.


NuNa said...

i m sorry i didn't write any comments in your blogs but i read what you wrote and i enjoy with it. When i read your posts i feel as i in another world with big knowledge that what i want leaning useful things to help me to live in this world...

Behi said...

Dear NuNa,you don't have to put comments on any or every post in this blog ;) and this is really nice of you to think with this kindness about what I bring in this page, hope it deserves that :)