Friday, 10 October 2008


There is no significant time during each day that I could actually say I've done my works so that I can get some rest. I say that in the weekends though and it's not because I mean that but because I need that.

Sequence of the days :

-Work hard
-Pronouncing my first name correctly is almost an impossible job to do for my professors and other faculty members
-Work hard
-Me, the door of the room that I work every day and the key of that door don't get along... Maybe I could write weekly stories of our adventures all together in future
- One tea spoon Neurophysiology and I don't scale its recourse because I do not want to :)
-Work hard

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Life is always like that behi jan; full of good and bad things which we are used to doing them...
I myself curse myself for being that busy some days; but if I am not working the day after, I feel all the doors are closed to me and I feel empty inside...
Keep going;
I wish you luck and happiness.