Friday, 24 October 2008

Milk/Yogurt, Chocolate and BRAIN

If I have to name two things that I like about supermarkets in here first I would say milk and second, a specific brand of yogurt which happened to have a semi-answer to our request for so missed Damdaran and kalleh yogurts... This answer comes from a person who quieted drinking milk during living in Libya and a life-time heavily yogurt addicted who has been under the sanction for Iranian yogurts since leaving there.
Holland is famous for its dairy products as you might know, beside its cheese which is available in wide varieties, I think, others are quite comparable with Iranian dairy products and in between Iranian yogurts always win the contest! There is another item that I like unconditionally, it's perfect with a cold glass of milk after a loooong day: "extra bittere chocolade" of "Albert Heijn", if you see this one any where around you don't hesitate to try one especially if you're keen to the dark chocolaty things.

The brain of a 70-year-old man; the part that he had dedicated to science was something that I experienced examining for the first time. I was watching the many parts of his brain with all its unbelievable complexities, the deep folded cerebral cortex, all small and big pieces within with every bit's huge responsibilities that used to determine that person for over 70 years and me sitting in front of that brain trying to recognize those magnificent pieces.


Anonymous said...

you reminded me of "Doogh"!
I love it and miss it sometimes...
And all those "Kalleh" and my dear "Damdaran"!!
All dear Iranian dairy...

Hiva said...

Behi when I came to Canda, I started making yogurt myself until I found one very clos to Iranian style. I will go for Albert chocoloate as soon as I find one... :)

Nava said...

Heyyy! Congratulation on the new blog frame. I like it very much.

I have also struggled with finding a tasty yogurt since I left Iran, and I have found a couple of them. The AH dark chocolate, I guess I have to wait for my transit through Amsterdam airport, when I'll have a trip back home.

...And isn't brain just AMAZING? Good for you if you have started neurophysiology. Enjoy that mesmerizing world...

Behi said...

Dear Nava,

The brain is one stunning mysterious part and the more I'm learning about it -which has been a little so far- the more I get amazed by its all known and unknown sides.
As a matter of fact I've started Neuroscience and neurophysiology was my first module, now I'm taking neuroanatomy as the second one which is really interesting...There are so much that I should learn and as a person with no background of biology I've not been that fast so far SO wish me a big luck and thanks by the way :).