Saturday, 7 June 2008

A long post

Of all not very superb memories that one could have to tell, I found this as one of the masters. It went through different phases till I finally made my peace with it. Well...I hope that would be it though.

-The first step was being relieved,
-Then I felt angry whenever I reminded that memory with all its tiny details of course,
-The next level was telling the story as if it was an unbelievable and also very exciting news which made me angry like crazy while telling to people whom I felt were caring enough to listen passionately
-Then for a long time, every time I reminded of that day I felt like crying which I call it the grief phase
-And now I think I'm getting through it finally since looking at all these phases makes me feel that this memory could be seen in a way ridiculously funny enough to laugh at and to bring in here :).

Well, it all started when I found myself in a very risky step in one term at university that there was no way for me to fail any more of my courses. So I was studying fairly enough during the term to make sure I would pass each of the courses with a good mark which I desperately in need to get from all.
It was "differential equations" course with its strict teacher coming from the Mathematics department that I felt I should be well-prepared before the final exam.
I took the exam, answered the entire questions so properly that I could not believe myself while writing the answer of each questions which were 6 all in all.
I estimated my score something between 16-18 out of 20 and waited for the upcoming result. Finally the day came and I checked my score on the board, it was 5! I stormed out of where I was shocking to my very core, went to the office of the teacher and asked him to see my paper. Then, I got incredibly happy as seemed he had forgotten to correct 3 of the very crucial questions as they had held the main marks of the whole in themselves. Soon after he asked me 3 questions: 1- Where was I sitting during the exam 2- Where one of my classmates was sitting during the exam 3- Why the second round of my exam papers didn't have an official stamp of the university?
I only had answer for the first question and was trying to remember the answer of the second question which I had no luck to find that out. And his last question seemed really odd and out of my understanding.
Finally, he explained that since among 70 students that took the exam that day, me and this mystery placed classmate of mine were the only that answered his one of the very difficult questions correctly, he came to the conclusion that maybe me and this significant classmate had information exchange during the exam. And the the rest seemed really odd to him as they had no stamp on their paper. But he was giving the second thought generously to look at them all over again. I went the next day to see what he had done this time with my suspicious paper and I saw my new score which was 10 and meant that he had not marked again the answer of that famous question...I went to him and thanked him for giving that second thought anyway...I passed the exam, the first phase was already happening; I was relieved.

...If you have not found this story funny, might need to go through those phases ;)


Hiva said...

When stubborn proff came to such stupid conclusion you have to let it go. Some time they act like a detective catching you red handed..

Behi said...

That's correct Hiva joonam,ignoring non-sense behaviors from any body that does them is something that if we could do, we would feel safe and happy most of the time, and when we do not let them go it's like falling into the trap of finding logical interpretations which could be like torturing ourselves with no practical results.