Tuesday, 29 April 2008

This weekend

We finally managed to go to "Leptis Magna"; a city of the Roman Empire in eastern Tripoli. I enjoyed every part of the ruins and it was great to know an ancient history of this part of the world by our guide explanation, a young Libyan guy who was so interested in opening the story of every thing by raising a question and waiting to hear some answers from us. I had this feeling that me and Mr.Behi were in a history class having tested our intellectual intelligence every now and then which was really fun!
In Comparison with the Roman ruins in Italy, I found those in Leptis real treasures and quite impressive. The ruins were so preserved, untouched, complete and the place itself was so quiet. The low load of tourists in there has made it just enchanting. Our two and half hours tour reached to its ending by hearing a Libyan romance; it was interesting to see how excited and eager our guide was while he was talking about his girl friend and that how they had met each other :).


Hiva said...

Behi, it's a great privilege that you could visit such a place in peace and quite atmosphere. One thing that really irritates me whenever I am visiting historic place is the crowded atmosphere. You can’t focus on your visit and enjoy the details of delicate facts instead you are in hurry because others are in line to come and watch…. Anyway it’s great you guys finally made this trip honey

jeerjeerak said...

I didn't know about the place before i read your post and the wiki link. It's totally interesting. Thanks for sharing the story.

Behi said...

Hiva joonam, the crowded historic sites is what makes me exhausted quickly and unfortunately I lose my appetite to go further and discover new things.

Jeerjeerake aziz,
I'm glad that you found this post interesting :).

Tameshk said...

Behi joonam
I very much enjoy the personal stories and feelings that people share from their experiences when they are face to face with historical landmarks.

Behi said...

Thanks Tameshk joone aziz :)