Thursday, 6 March 2008

Scent of New Year

We are at the end of the year of Persian calender, in the middle of Iranian month called "Esfand". The month that means crowded streets full of eager people who are buying new clothes and stuff in the hope of being as fresh as spring as they make their houses spotless to welcome the new year.
To me and I guess to many other Iranians, the first days of spring mean little red fish playing inside a vase, a plate of rising wheat seeds and a table-cloth covered with seven different symbolic items which all start with "S" in their letters "Haft sin", colorful eggs, mirror, book of Hafiz, holy book, flowers, nuts, sweets. And smiley faces.
I could smell spring during this time of the month and that was true for all the seasons. All those 4 had specific smells that I could feel in the middle of the month leading up to each of them. This is going to be the first spring; the first " Nowruz" that I'm not in Iran and the second for Mr.Behi.
I think I must have been able to feel the scent of spring by now. But who knows, I may receive its scent this time too; maybe when I truly be open :|.


Frieda said...

Well, have a wonderful Noruz away from your family..Wish is colorful year and inspiring moments.

Hiva said...

Eidet mobarak Behi junam, booos