Friday, 29 February 2008

A quick glance

1. My first module is getting to start in less than 10 days and I've already started warming up with taking some glances at a book which describes molecular biology of the cell in a truly amazing way. I wish I had enough time to look at the whole book before starting the semester but I know it's only a dream to finish approximately 3800 pages in this time frame.

2. For moving forward, I need to be focused and quite organized.

3. It's exciting to learn the concepts that can poke the sense of curiosity, that to feel connection with.

-Wish me luck


Abadany dar Holland said...

Movafagh bashy!

Behi said...

Mamnoon :)

Don Cox said...

Who is (or are) the authors of that molecular biology book? I need to get up to date with a good modern text.

Behi said...

Actually I was recommended by director of the program to take a look at this book as it covers a wide range of the topic and it's good to have as a reference. It's called "Molecular Biology of the Cell" written by a group of authors: Alberts,Johnson,Lewis,Raff,Roberts and Walters.
The one that I have is the pdf format which is its fourth edition but I saw the 6th edition of the book in Amazon as well.
I put the address in here in case you might want to take a look at it:

Don Cox said...

Thanks. I shall have to get a copy. It's very expensive.

All these subjects are getting so huge, and growing faster and faster.

Behi said...

You're welcome, yes it's expensive indeed and that's why I'm happy with the pdf version I've found :).

Hiva said...

You will do great I know it :)

The Geologist said...

Good Luck Mrs.Behi
Nice to see you starting what you like to do.


Behi said...

Thanks a lot :)