Friday, 15 February 2008

Birthday Cake

I'm guessing if you were standing or passing by the door of our apartment the other day that I was baking the whole apartment you would probably knock the door to find out what was going on behind that door.
The story is that I cook fine. I can cook, in fact, many Persian cuisine close to THE Persian cuisine but when it comes to bake cakes, sweets or cookies I just adore whom can bake. Actually, I blame those pastry stores in Tehran that I liked some special kinds of their pastries and that stopped me to even think of being prepared for some day that I would not be able to have access. And this way of finding some thing to blame is practical for times you want to make a perfect way to cover up the fact that it is always good to know how to make home-made cakes, no matter if the first winner baking pastry contest in the world is having a store door to door to your own home! And it might hit you the most when you want to have a delicious cake; the one with kind of look that you see on the web when you search: "Chocolate Birthday cake". I prepared every thing according to the recipe that I had found , turned on the oven for the first time in my life after taking some serious thoughts, put the pan in it while I was holding the required time which was about 20 minuets, checked the recipe for the 20th something time, sat and after a while started to feel I could see the kitchen and living room perfectly through a foggy smoky transparent and that was when I jumped into the kitchen and that was only half of the actual time that I was supposed to walk gently to pick the fine cake out of the oven. I picked the pan that held a burnt and really dark chocolaty look-nothing like a cake, threw it away and tried the process all over again. Since that was my last chance to make things up- as I would be out of several key materials for the third time- I tried to stay calm and figure out the wrong steps that caused that result to prevent them to repeat themselves. I was impressively relaxed, the only thing was walls and doors of the kitchen and sofa that were not relaxed as they hit me back and forth on my way. This time my nose was much more alert than the first time. I caught the oven when it was going to make the black smoky layer through the entire cake all again to finish its job, took a knife , removed the smoky layer, covered it with a creamy layer that I had made while was begging it to be made properly. Meanwhile I heard my self throwing and hitting stuff as I was staring so badly at the cake to find out if it was any thing like the Birthday cake at all? And that was when I burst into a big laugh , suddenly the whole preparing stuff seemed so hilarious with that messy look of mine and I knew I only had a little time left to open the door to Mr.Behi. I was thinking , of course, it had to end up laughing like that and the whole matter had to turn to that much fun when it had something to do with Mr.Behi. It's just the way that has to be; no matter what, at the end you always smile...

PS: If I picked those prepared cake packages for Microwave oven, it would probably be easier but I wanted to do all the details step by step and as you can see it turned out to be just perfect! ;).

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