Friday, 18 January 2008

To please!

-I'm going to take some courses in the UK for my PhD
-Oh, excellent! That's really great news, so are you going to stay in a camp or rent a house?
-I'm going to rent because my brother is coming with me.
-Good! So you won't feel lonely.
-Yes and because of religion... you know that I should not go there alone.

This was the conservation that I had with a very nice Libyan lady- a new friend of mine-who is a dentist by the way.
Even though I could have kept on our talk to tell her what was really in my mind about this matter, I preferred to make that sound as a sign of agreement I guess.
I wanted to tell her that going to another country for education-like in this case- with a "male" company has nothing to do with religion but culture and the kind of mentality that bring this as a default for a person. But I did not. And let me say that this reaction of mine is a very typical response that I do in many considerable cases which is to hide my real thought to please the person that I'm talking to unless I find the situation different from a just simple friendly conversation... well, then I MAY say my real idea or not whatever :|.


Don Cox said...

I think you are quite right to say nothing in these situations. There is no use in upsetting people. Tell your friend we will be glad to see her in England and I hope her PhD goes well.

BEHI said...

Sure, I will :-)