Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I'm coming

I was born in a day like tomorrow. My mother often tells the story of giving birth to me every year around this time. She sends me birthday letters which I've been receiving from her for over 10 years now. I keep them in an archive with other possessions that I've collected from my loved ones so far.
I know the story of that day precisely as if I could be all conscious when she realized I was knocking to let myself into this world while at this very time she was on her way back home from the school she used to teach. I can even see her reading the story of St.Mary from Quran while awaiting me. I can also see the excitement of my sister who was eagerly waiting to see a baby GIRL as she had prayed to have a sister with kinds of features that she later realized I perfectly matched with all!
There are many things that could make me appreciative of being alive beside it would be a shame for me not to meet Mr.B if I wasn't here ;-).


Ali said...

Happy birthday Mrs. Behi :-). while I haven't had the pleasure of knowing you personally, I can imagine the person who can make Mr. Behi as happy as he is, can only be as great a human being as he is, and beyond. Wish you both a long, prosperous life together.



TripeiroDeRoterd√£o said...

A loved one showed me Mr. Behi's post to you and together we came to see your post...

Happy birthday Mrs. Behi!
Happy birthday to Mr. Behi too!

It's this kind of love that makes me look to the side and smile in her eyes.

It's this kind of love that makes envy a positive thing...

- "AbadanydarHolland"'s boyfriend

Tameshk said...

Dear Mrs. Behi

Happy Birth Day!

I should apologies for finding out about "My Mind Room" so late; I guess I am not that good with links and I am glad I clicked on this recent one to your page by Mr. Behi.

Don Cox said...

I may be a day lete, but Happy Birthday !!! anyway.